kodomo No Ie
Based on the fact that the preschool years are a very important time in developing who your children will become for the rest of their lives, Kodomo No Ie has the following 4 developmental goals for them.

1. KNI is the kind of place where children grow by interacting with each other.

Children will learn the basics of living as social people through their experiences and daily activities at school. Though we cannot comprehensively list them here, some examples are: how to interact and play together, how to enjoy being with friends, how to solve disagreements with friends, how to get over sadness or anger, how to have fights with friends, how to care for and be kind to others, how to express feelings, etc.

We hope to develop children who can play with friends happily.

2. KNI is the kind of place where children begin learning critical thinking skills and develop emotions, through caring for small animals and growing vegetables in the nature-abundant school yard.

Children's five senses will grow by caring for and spending time with small animals, such as rabbits, turtles, fish and snails; by growing vegetables in the garden; and by looking for bugs in the school yard; and so on. Also, by interacting with these small animals up close, they will learn how precious life is.

We hope to develop children who can see, listen, and observe well.

3. KNI is the kind of place where children share love based in Christian spirit.

Children thank God and their parents before eating. Once a month on the day of the offering and the birthday party, they learn how they are loved by God, their parents, and others around them by listening to a story from the pastor and by placing monetary offerings in the offering can themselves. Also, we teach the children gratitude as well as loving others.

4.We hope to develop children who can communicate by using their own words.

Children learn Japanese language, especially how to express their feeling in Japanese. They feel to delight to make their hearts communicate with friends and teachers.

We hope all children enjoy and spend themselves at Kodomo No Ie and make good memories.

Kodomo No Ie operates on a team teaching basis with one team leader assigned for each class. The team leaders are not necessarily teachers in charge; all of our staff shares responsibilities during class hours.

Ikuko Kanno
Japanese Certified Early Child Development as a teacher. Experienced in Japan for 15 years.
Received California Certified Early Child Development as a teacher, as well as Director.