kodomo No Ie

News from Kodomo No Ie.


2nd Semester

We started 2nd Semester on January 4th.

2/1, 2, 3: We will do Setsubun Mamemaki
3/1, 2, 3: We are going to celebrate Hinamatsuri (Girl's Day)

3/8, 9, 10: We are going to have "Pounding Mochi" during our class hours.
All parents are most welcome to join this event and have fun pounding Mochi.


Winter Break

Our Winter Break begins from December 22nd through January 3rd.
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

Parent Conference

Parent Conference on December 22nd and 23rd.


Christmas Performance

December 17th, Saturday

We are planning to have In-Person Christmas Performance in the Sanctuary.
All students will be on the stage and sign songs and play instruments.
Sakura Class (Kinder Program) will be performing the Christmas Pageant Play.

We are still need to follow the Covid protocols.
We would like all your family can come and watch their performance.
Therefore, we divide 3 different times as follows:

From 9:00 am Sakura Class
From 10:15 am Renge / Momo / Sumire Class
From 11:15 am Kiku / Ume Class

We hope you enjoy watching their performance.


Halloween Open House

We are still following COVID protocols and keep our children's safety is our priority.
But we scheduled our first Open House for Halloween this year.
We would like invite you to enjoy making pumpkin bag with your child.
All children go to Trick-or-Treat carry their own pumpkin bag and show their costumes.
We hope this will become an opportunity to deepen our relationships while sharing class observations.

Please come to school as usual time and children wear their costumes.

October 27 (Thurs) Momo (Open House - 10:00 am) Sakura (Open House - 3:00 pm)
October 28 (Fri.) Sumire (Open House - 10:00 am) Ume (Open House - 1:15 pm)
October 31 (Mon.) Renge (Open House - 10:00 am) Kiku (Open House - 1:15 pm)


2022 - 2023 New School Year

We are going to start 2022-2023 New School Year from September 7th.
We are still following CA Early Child Care COVID-19 protocols, please keep your children wear masks at school.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.

Hiyoko (Mommy & Me) class will be closed for now.
We will inform you when we will be open again.


2022-2023 Registration / Summer School

We are now accepting for new school year Registration and Summer School (6/13/22 - 8/5/22).
Please see the Registration Form / Summer School Application Form in the Enrollment.
Please send us the form with the check by regular mail.

*We still follow California State COVID 19 protcols, please understand that we do have our space limit.
If you have any questions, please contact us by email.