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News from Kodomo No Ie.


New School Year

We had been closed since March 16 during this COVID 19 Pandemic.
Now we will be open from September 9th, for our 2020-2021 New School Year.
You have a choice of in-person class or zoom class during this pandemic for now.
There are some guidelines from CA state you need to follow if attending in-person class.
Please contact us by email if you have any questions.


Corona (COVID19) Virus

We had announced that we will be closing until the end of May, but unfortunately we need to keep closing our school even now for everyone's safety.

We need to be very careful during the re-opening of our school to protect the health of all children and families.
We are always getting updated information from the CA state, LA Health Department, LA City Mayor and we are continuously holding discussions regarding the everyone's safety and re-opening. Thank you for your understanding.


Corona (COVID19) Virus

California State is just started to re-opening slowly this week, but we are still keeping "Stay Home" order.
Hope everyone are doing well at home and staying safe.

We need to keep closing our school until the end of May.
We need to be very careful to re-open our school, especially protecting all children and families. We are always getting update information from CA state, LA Health Department, LA City Mayor and then we are discussing for safety which is our priority for re-opening.
We will update it frequently.

Thank you for your understanding.


Corona (COVID19) Virus

We hope all of you and your families are doing well and staying safe.

We had announced that we will be closed until May 1st, but unfortunately we decided to close our school until May 15th (Friday) based on California State order "Stay Home".
We will let you know the date of re-open as soon as we decide it.

Please understand it and stay safe.


Corona (COVID19) Virus

We understand how you feel during this serious and difficult time for our students and families.
This situation is very serious and invisible ahead, we appreciate your support and patience.
We hope all you are in healthy condition and safe.
Our staff are staying home, healthy and doing well, we also are preparing for the classes.

We supposed to open after our Spring Break (April 8th), but we are not able to open school until May 1st, Friday.
Please understand this situation.

Please send Registration Form if you have not filed yet, please send it out by regular mail.

If you have any concerns and questions, please feel free to contact us by E-mail (kodomonoie.us@gmail.com).

We will inform you regarding the date we will re-open and update all information as soon as we decide.

We are really looking forward to settling down this bad situation and hope we can see all students and families very soon.

Please stay safe and healthy!!!


Corona (COVID19) Virus

Kodomo No Ie will be closed from March 16th (Monday) through April 7 (Tue.).

Please keep wash your hands with soaps, using sanitizer, keep your health good condition!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.