kodomo No Ie
encho-sensei I decided to open the KNI Japanese Language School after noticing Kodomo No Ie alumni who were losing their Japanese speaking skills.

I wanted to help them preserve their language.

In preschool, the children learn to use Japanese as communication tool.
Our goal at the Japanese Language School is to continue to exercise this communication tool so that the children can maintain and improve upon their language abilities.

I believe it is important to motivate children's interest in Japanese, so we try to be creative in developing a fun and inventive curriculum.

Beyond having the children memorize letters and words, we aim to make learning as comprehensive as possible by stimulating their sense of sight, sound, and touch.

We integrate a variety of seasonal and cultural themes throughout our curriculum.

KNI Japanese Language School is a truly unique learning institution.

We welcome you to visit our school to see for yourself.

Kazuko Umehata
Director of Kodomo no Ie, Japanese Language School